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PBS's premier science-documentary series, which has won six Peabody Awards and more than 20 Emmys since its 1974 debut.

Einstein's Quantum Riddle

Join scientists as they grab light from across the universe to prove quantum entanglement.
Pluto and Beyond

Pluto and Beyond

The New Horizons spacecraft zooms toward an object 4 billion miles from Earth.

Apollo's Daring Mission

Apollo's Daring Mission

Apollo astronauts and engineers tell the story of the first manned mission to the moon.

World's Fastest Animal

WETA PassportWorld's Fastest Animal

See the world through the eyes of nature’s fastest animal—the peregrine falcon.

The Nuclear Option

WETA PassportThe Nuclear Option

How will we power the planet without wrecking the climate?

Last B-24

WETA PassportLast B-24

Dive beneath the sea to the wreckage of a WWII bomber.

Thai Cave Rescue

WETA PassportThai Cave Rescue

Follow the harrowing operation to rescue 12 boys stranded in a flooded cave in Thailand.